How to publish your ads

Webmates offers you the possibility to cheaply publish your ads.

How does the Webmates Ads-Tool work?

The Webmates Ads-Tool offers you the possibility to publish your own ads. You can choose a title, a text and an image as well as a link to your website. That's how it might look like:

G√ľnstig Ihre Anzeige schalten

Schalten Sie kosteng√ľnstig Ihre Anzeigen mit der Webmates-Werbefunktion.


The ads are being published in the sidebar on the right, directly aside the content, for instance the blogposts or the vocabulary lists of the latin dictionary.

The ads are also published by such visitors that come with an adblocker. The amout of visitors per month is currently around 500 unique visitors.

Price list

  • It costs 25 EUR to publish your ad for exactly one week.

You may transfer the money via the IBAN, that you will receive. As soon as the money is transfered, your ad is immediately being published.

Please also read the Terms and Conditions.

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