A Student's Guide to Literature

A Student's Guide to Literature

A Student's Guide to Literature online kaufen

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Preis: 4 €
Verlag: Washingtion Square Press Verlag, New York, 1968
Typ: Taschenbuch
Seiten: 275 S.
Kategorie: Wissenschaft & Unterricht

Das Buch A Student's Guide to Literature von C. Carter Colwell können Sie hier bei webmates.de online kaufen zum Preis von 4 EUR. Das Taschenbuch ist gebraucht, ist vom Zustand her aber in Ordnung. Der Band hat 275 Seiten und wurde im Jahre 1968 im Washingtion Square Press Verlag in New York veröffentlicht.


A Student’s Guide to Literature provides a conceptual basis for the understanding and appreciation of literary works. Fundamental critical terms - such as plot, satire, and symbol - are analyzed in lively essays illustrated by examples from classic and contemporary literature. Key questions at the end of each essay enable the reader to apply his understanding of technical terminology to formal literary analysis. The principles of the major literary genres - fiction, drama, poetry, and the essay - are explained and illustrated. Subtle variations in meaning of technical terms from one genre to another are explored. Plus: Candid views on how to approach the course itself - how to read a text, take class notes, study for examinations, and write term papers. An annotated bibliography of reference works. Recommendations for further study. A perceptive and stimulating introduction to the study of literature, A Student’s Guide to Literature is also of permanent value as a dictionary of literary genres and terms.

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